I love to read.  In fact, when I

I love to read.  In fact, when I get into a book I can be a little obsessive. Last month I read 3 books.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t get some of the other things done that I had planned. Oh well! Reading is one of my guilty pleasures and I can think of worse things to indulge in. My book club cancelled for today. There were several reasons.  One, a couple of the people could not make it and two, no one, other than me, read the book.  I need someone to get on their horse and read it.  This was a book I really liked and I’m anxious to talk to someone else who read it and get their take on it.  The book was “The Storyteller” by Jodi Picoult.  I will do a review on it later in the week. 

I started to think, I know a dangerous endeavor, where does a love of reading come from?  My mother reads the paper religiously but I can’t remember her ever reading a book. Dad on the other hand loved to read and always seemed to have a book going. He was also the one who read the bedtime stories.  Kids love being read to.  There are books that I still know by heart from reading them to my kids and . . . their friends.  My daughter’s best friend loved “Green Eggs and Ham”. I know every word Sam I am!  My kids loved “He Bear, She Bear” and I still remember reading “The Cat in the Hat” with Dad.

I saw on line that the Doylestown Bookshop at 16 South Main Street has a Story Time on Monday’s at 10:00 with Miss Larissa. It features music, books, crafts and more. The recommended age group for this story hour is 2-4 and they ask that you stay with your children throughout the story time. Sounds like a fun thing to do with kids or grand kids on a rainy Monday.  For more information you can contact the bookshop at 215-230-7610. Or check out the web site at: http://www.doylestownbookshop.com

Happy Monday!

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