Pondering the Mysteries of the Universe Over a Second Cup of Coffee.

Morning has always been one of my favorite times. When my kids were young, I always got up before everyone else and had my coffee in silence. This was my time to think, to plan, to contemplate the day.  Things change, or at least the methodology changes, but the essence stays the same. Today, I still plan and organize my day, but it is front of a computer screen. I not only contemplate the future but wax fondly about the past. Thoughts of my grandchildren bring back memories of my kids when they were little. I’m sometimes amazed that the time has gone by so quickly.  The quiet in the morning with my treasured cup of java used to be the calm before the storm. That storm was the fighting over the sugar at the bottom of the box of cereal or who was taking too long in the bathroom or who missed the bus . . . again. Those storms also included a rainbow that was laughter and music and silliness and just the joyful noise that is life. There are no rainbows without rain.

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