Yesterday we lost our little dog Bailey. He had been sick for quite a while but we didn’t realize just how sick.  He was the most pleasant loving little guy. Bailey loved his people more than anything and his people loved him.  We had him in our lives for 11 and a half short years.  I fell in love with that little guy the moment I saw him.  We already had one Cairn Terrier, McDuff who was about 8 months old at the time.  There was this pet store at the mall, a dangerous place for people who love animals. Not a good place to get a pet.  I know that, but we were out shopping for curtains and stopped to look at the puppies. We had no intention of getting another dog but there was this beautiful little fella, a little blond Cairn! He was so sick. The girl at the pet store had been feeding him a diet of French fries. That didn’t sit well and his food had been going right through him. He had a white tongue from being malnourished and a fever and infection.  We thought if we left him there, he would not survive. So that day Bailey came home and brightened every day we were lucky enough to have him.  He loved to play ball and would enthusiastically welcome friends to our home by bringing toys to play.  When my husband had surgery 2 years ago, Bailey never left his side during his recovery.  Four years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes.  He had some bad times including seizures but was never anything but sweet.  For a while now he would limp. He didn’t play ball anymore and didn’t jump with joy as he always had.  The vet thought he just had some arthritis but that was not the case.  Our poor little guy had bone cancer.  I loved that dog with all my heart and just can’t deal with the fact he is gone. The house, even with two other dogs, is far too quiet.  Bailey always barked us hello and goodbye. He made you feel loved and welcome every time you walked in the door. His tail never stopped wagging even when he was sick and in pain.  I don’t think he knew how to growl. He was always sitting next to one of us on the sofa in the evening.  I sit down to read a book and want to reach out and pet him.   Bailey was the best dog ever.  He was such a good sweet soul.  I hope dogs go the same heaven as people. If it’s true that loved ones greet us when we pass, I hope that I’ll hear a little blond dog barking hello when my time comes.  That would be heaven.

3 responses to “Bailey

  1. Kathy – I am so sad, losing a dog is so difficult. I am convinced they go to heaven; they deserve it more than most humans! Cathy

  2. Aw, Kath. I just read this post. So very sorry for you to have to experience yet another loss. You are in my thoughts.

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