Tails from the Dog Side

I was going through my old blogs this morning. This was the first of “Tails from the Dog Side”. I plan to reblog some and add to them. Loosing little Bailey and all the sweet and dear messages we received is a reminder of how much we all love our dogs. Please share some of your stories.


Our furry kids, otherwise known as our dogs, are an enigma at times.  Bailey is the kind of guy that always wants to please.  He’s smart, sometimes scary smart, and has some issues.  We are sure he is ADHD and suffers from some sort of obsessive, compulsive disorder.  Bailey understands everything you say.  If you are even discussing what time to get to bed Bailey stands up and heads to his crate.  When he was a pup we got him this little blue ball.  He got so obsessed with this thing that he would forget to eat, drink, or go out. Just the mention of the ball made him a dog on a mission.  That little guy heard you say blue ball and he would search the house for an hour or more looking for the darn thing, which we of course had hidden so he would remember to go out and pee. After a…

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