Too many goodbyes

I’m usually a computer junkie but this week I didn’t blog, didn’t log into Facebook. I guess I just didn’t want to “share”. On Tuesday we lost our Mom. First Dad in November and now Mom. I don’t want to say goodbye to anyone else I love.

I know she is where she wanted to be, with Dad. They would have been married 62 years last week. For so long now, she struggled. Without Daddy, she was like a lost, lonely little girl trapped in a body that didn’t work anymore. Both she and my Dad had been on walkers for quite some time. One of my favorite memories is of them dancing. They were a beautiful site. Now they don’t need their walkers. There is no pain. I close my eyes and I pray that on some cloud in heaven . . . they are dancing.

2 responses to “Too many goodbyes

  1. Ah, yes…way too many good-byes in a very short time. Your parents were special. I have fond memories of them both. Take solace in the fact that you were a wonderful daughter and that now they surely are with God and each other. Know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • The devotion and love they shared has always inspired me. It gives me such comfort to know that the Lord didn’t keep them apart for long.

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