Ending of Book presents a Moral Dilemma

INFERNO by Dan Brown was in interesting book. As an artist I am always fascinated with his use of art as a vehicle to provide clues to his mysteries. I am quite often as intrigued by the art history in the book the story itself. The settings are also fascinating. Some of his past work has taken the readers through the churches, alleys and piazzas’ of Rome. Rome is one of my favorite places. It is so alive and so vibrant. Alas stories of Rome are for another blog.  This story begins in Florence. I happen to love Florence and reading the sections of the book that took place in Florence was like once again roaming the streets of the city and absorbing its art and history. The adventure moved on to other locations that I have not yet had the opportunity to visit. Venice is now on my personal “bucket list”.  

The places and the setting are all very intriguing but it’s the subject matter on this one that I couldn’t quite shake when the book was over. The problems the world faces with over population are clearly stated. The solutions, options and opinions put forth are not so clear.  In my mind the end of the book blurs the boundaries between right and wrong. I felt disturbed. 

I am curious to see how this one plays out on screen. INFERNO will once again star Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon and is expected to hit theaters December of 2015. You have plenty of time to read the book between now and then and form your own opinions. 

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