Changing Seasons

I will preface this by saying that I love the change in seasons.  I am captivated each year by the first crocus peaking out of the ground in spring, the first snowflakes swirling through the air in winter, the intoxicating scent of the first summer flowers and the first hint of the glorious colors of fall. Are you getting a pattern here? Yes, I love all the seasons and the changes they bring but right now . . . I’m cold.  The idea of trading in my flip flops for real shoes is depressing. I keep going out without a coat. At my age you would think that I would be smart enough to take a coat with me when I go out. It may not be too cold when I leave the house and the sun is shining but by dinner time I’m freezing my buns off. The fall colors were lovely but now they are just leaves all over the place that need to be cleaned up. It’s dark by dinner time. It’s not even December and I feel like I need a vacation from winter. I ALMOST understand the snow birds. I will NEVER be one.  I have no problem with a winter vacation. My husband has been trying to talk me into that for quite a while, but a long, extended stay somewhere else just won’t happen.  I like home. I like my friends. I don’t want to leave . . . for long. I just want to be warm. Honey! Get a fire going.

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