It is official, we are townies.

After nine years of living out in the country we are back in town. I must say I was torn. I loved my house and gardens. I loved the deer and turkey and wide array of birds and butterflies that graced our surroundings. But it was time for a change and now we are back in the Boro. Our first weekend back we walked into town on Friday night for dinner, then we walked into town for breakfast on Saturday morning and hit the Farmers Market. Our dog used to panic at the sight of the leash because it meant a car ride. Now he jumps for joy. He loves going out for walks! Sunday, I walked to church. Thursday we had our grandson here and took he and the dog for a walk after dinner. Sunday . . . once again, walked into town for brunch. There is a theme here. We are walking a lot and loving it. I’m thinking this will be a healthy lifestyle for all of us. Plus, I’m getting so much inspiration for writing. Just my observations about the difference between country squirrels and city squirrels are worth several paragraphs in and of themselves. Stay tuned.

2 responses to “It is official, we are townies.

  1. We are elated for you!!! There is a season for everything under the sun! Now it is time to be a “townie”.

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