When is a weed not a weed? Mysteries of life worth pondering . . . again

(Reposted from June 2012)
This was a real conversation. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

A husband and wife are riding in the car.

The wife asks: What do you call those little blue flowers on the side of the road?

Husband says: They’re weeds

Wife: Why are they weeds, their pretty?

Husband shrugs

Wife: And those little white flowers that look like miniature daisies, are you going to tell me they are weeds?

Husband: Yes, weeds.

Wife: They shouldn’t be weeds. They would make a great filler in a flower arrangement.

Husband: They’re weeds, they grow all over the place.

Wife: Maybe they’re wildflowers.

Husband: No, weeds.

Wife: Alright then, what makes one flower a flower and another flower a weed?

Husband: I’m sure it has something to do with size and beauty of the flower!

Wife: So you’re telling me size matters?

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