Thanksgiving can be any day!

My Father in Law is here visiting. Those of you who have been avid readers of my blog over the past two years know that he visits every summer . . . for weeks . . . 5 weeks. Things are different this year. I’m no longer dragging the poor man on my once frequent runs to my parents house. Both my parents are gone. I know longer have to follow he and my Mom around Walmart worried that one of them was going to get lost. Actually, it was my Mom who would wander and get lost, Glen would just go find someone to talk to. . . and not come back. He is now 95 so everyday is a gift. I want this trip to be really nice just in case it’s the last one. I’ve learned that there isn’t always a tomorrow and the people we love need to know they are appreciated now. Dad lives in Florida and WILL NOT come up for Holidays. Heck, he wears a coat or a sweater when it’s 88 in the shade. SOOOOO, this Sunday is Thanksgiving in July. There will be a Turkey in the oven and all the trimmings. We will celebrate all the things we are thankful for especially each other. Life is good.

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