Baby it’s Cold Outside – That means a code blue for those in need.

It’s really cold and there is a storm on it’s way. To most of us that means a little inconvenience. OK, we might be house bound in the comfort of our own homes where it is warm and dry for a day or so. To others it’s a time to find any shelter available to get out of the elements and find a little respite. Bucks County has declared a code blue. What is a code blue? A Code Blue Cold Weather Declaration is made when winter conditions pose a threat of serious harm or death to individuals without shelter.

Bucks County web site has information on shelters:

Local churches provide code blue resources. How can we help? I spent the morning on the phone trying to find out where to donate blankets and comforters. The good people at Trinity Episcopal Church in Buckingham, who are a current code blue shelter, (churches rotate monthly) told me that “Good Stuff Thrift” in Buckingham collects and distributes blankets, comforters, and warm clothing as shelters need it. So we went through the house and got all of our extra blankets etc. and dropped them off. It’s a little thing but it’s something.

For more information on “Good Stuff Thrift” just click on the link below.


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