Tails from the Dog Side

This post was from July two years ago. It’s a true story that we still laugh about.

Blame it on the dogs. . . .

My 3-year-old grandson and one of the “grand dogs” are visiting. Both are pretty much potty trained. Please note that the key phrase is “pretty much”. Liam does very well except for naps, bedtime and the occasional uh oh. Rocky (the dog) has an occasional faux pas to the everlasting chagrin of my husband. We have two dogs who almost never have an accident. So here we are with two old dogs (not us), one young pup, and one 3-year-old. Yesterday there was a wet spot on the rug. Now of course Rocky got blamed for the wet spot in that he is the most likely candidate. Something that happened later in the day has me wondering. Liam got up from his nap he came and told me that the dogs did a pee pee in his pull up. I tried to cajole him into admitting that it was he, not the dogs, that did it. It was nap time and there is a get out of jail free for damp pull ups at nap and bed time. Nope, Liam insisted then, as he did this morning, that it was the dogs, not he, that went pee in the pull up. I’m beginning to wonder about the wet spot on the rug.


This was a very popular section when I shared stories about our little dogs, Duff and Baily. Sadly, they are no longer with us but their memories are alive in our hearts. Many of you also shared stories about your “Furry Family Members”.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorites here and writing new ones so . . . . please pass on your Dog Tails!

This was the first of my Tails from the Dog Side –

Our furry kids, otherwise known as our dogs, are an enigma at times. Bailey is the kind of guy that always wants to please. He’s smart, sometimes scary smart, and has some issues. We are sure he is ADHD and suffers from some sort of obsessive, compulsive disorder. Bailey understands everything you say. If you are even discussing what time to get to bed Bailey stands up and heads to his crate. When he was a pup we got him this little blue ball. He got so obsessed with this thing that he would forget to eat, drink, or go out. Just the mention of the ball made him a dog on a mission. That little guy heard you say blue ball and he would search the house for an hour or more looking for the darn thing, which we of course had hidden so he would remember to go out and pee. After a while we would spell it B-L-U-E B-A-L-L and damn, after a few times, he knew what we were spelling. I could expound upon that little beasts genius for hours.

My husband has always contended that Duff is a really smart dog. He says he doesn’t do what he is told because he is smart, stubborn and willful. Lately I’m not so sure Hubby isn’t correct.

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