Book Clubs and Guilty Pleasures

We probably have Oprah to thank for the fact that book clubs have become so popular. Come to think of it, almost every woman I know is in at least one book club.  They take all shapes and sizes. My little book club is comprised of 6 women and we meet for lunch once a month. Three of us have daughters who have been the best of friends since they were in grade school. Several months back the daughters, from hence forth to be referred to as the girls, thought it would funny to play a trick on the moms, from hence forth to be referred to as the ladies. They thought it would be “cute” to suggest that our book club read Fifty Shades of Gray. Silly girls, they thought that we ladies would be too naive to even have heard of the book. Well, we didn’t suggest the book to our book club but I do know for a fact that one of the ladies has been reading them (there are three in the series) instead of the books chosen by the club. Oh, how shameful! At least she admitted it.  OK, I’m reading them too. It’s my sisters fault. She zipped through all three and was torturing me to keep up.  I’m halfway through the second one.  These books are not great literature. They are more like a little guilty pleasure. I hate to admit it but I’ve never read smut before.  Hmmm, perhaps the girls were right. I may not have heard of the books if they didn’t suggest it.  Now I feel guilty. I haven’t read the book for the book club yet. I better go finish the smut so I have time to read the other book!

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