"Soul Food" doesn't come from the grocery store.

I had a nice weekend. Friday I went to a Pampered Chef party.  I love kitchen gadgets but the best part of the party was seeing friends I have not had time to see in a while.  Munching, chatting and having a glass of wine with people you enjoy can do wonders for the soul.   The “soul healing” continued. Saturday was a leisurely one on one day with my husband. In the evening my daughter and the grand kids came to spend the night.  After my hubby and the kids went to bed, my darling daughter and I had what felt like a “girls PJ party”.  We just hung out and talked till far too late.  Having that one on one time with any of my kids is such a treat.  Sunday we went to my sons for dinner.  One of his close friends since junior high was there as were his parents.  I don’t think I’ve seen the parents in 14 or 15 years.  What a treat. To make it even better, the guys did the cooking. They made Paella and it was fantastic.  As the guys bonded over after dinner drinks and cigars, the girls had some time to catch up.  So this was a refreshing weekend of “soul food”. The kind of weekend that gets you ready on Monday morning to deal with whatever challenges are at hand.  I might even be ready to deal with my parents today. . . or not.

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