And then there were three . . .

From my “Tails from the Dog Side” you can safely assume I am an animal lover.  We have had two Carin Terriers for the last 11 years.  Last year we adopted a little white mixed breed dog for our granddaughter.  She really wanted one badly so when her birthday came around it seemed like a good idea.  My daughter was on board.  Well here we are 7 months later and it isn’t working out so well.  Our granddaughter was very good and very responsible with him but he kept having accidents and oh well . . . I couldn’t see the little guy being carted off to puppy prison.  All he needs is a firm hand and some training. So now we have three dogs.  He has been great. He has only had one accident in a week.  Pretty good.  Keep posted. I don’t have as much morning time to blog. I now have 3 dogs to care for. Two old diabetic dogs and one crazy cute puppy.  They need to be kept on schedule so I need to go feed them. . . Now . . . I have a feeling there will be lots more “Tails from the Dog Side”!

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