Forbidden Broadway with Jenny Lee Stern a MUST SEE – Hurry!

Looking for something fun to do?  How about a trip to New York with a local connection?  This past Wednesday my daughter and I went to New York with some friends to see “Forbidden Broadway” at the 47th Street Theatre.  What a treat!  My daughters good friend, Jenny Lee Stern is in this hilarious production.  Jenny is a graduate of CB West.  Bucks County is a great place to grow up and be nurtured in the arts.  I remember Jenny as Annie at the Bucks County Playhouse.  From the time she was a very little girl it was obvious that this little ball of raw talent was destined to shine.  She is wonderful in “Forbidden Broadway”. Not only does she have a great voice but Jenny has honed her comic skills to a tee and leaves the audience in stitches.  You will laugh so hard your face will hurt. Only one catch here. Jenny leaves the show on January 20th.  So hurry up and make plans to see her while you can.  More information at:

Here is Jenny spoofing a mature Judy Garland in a special Holiday version of the show. Enjoy!



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