Music, music, music

Yesterday we started a conversation about Piano bars.  Most of conversation happened on Facebook. Gina posted “The Limelight on N. Easton Rd, next to Altomonte’s and Poor Richards, has a wonderful piano bar. The wonderfully talented and friendly George Sinkler plays live piano accompaniment for anyone who wants to sing a song or two. NO cover charge (just put a tip in the jar for George). Every Tuesday night from 6:30-11 pm! Have a drink and sing a song in whatever key you like.”  Tina also mentioned George playing at the Limelight and invited everyone to stop by at Open Mic at Mom’s.  My good friend Jen, who has a gorgeous voice posted that Baci in Buckingham has a piano bar… Andy Prescott is there Saturdays! Jamie mentioned that the “Standard Club” has a piano.  Hey Matt – how about a Piano Bar? 

What is obvious is that Bucks County loves the Arts. I think back to the stories about Chez Odetet’s  in the old days and the artists and musicians that made it come alive. Back in the 70’s we would go in there and listen to the vocalists and sometimes . . . sing a few songs. It took a drink or two not feel completely intimidated by some of the very real (and mature) talent. I was a kid then but from the start I loved the history of the place.  I love the history of Bucks County and feel very fortunate to live here. 

Please share more of your thoughts about places to go and things to do. We have so many artists in our midst.  Let’s support them.

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  1. JUST IN. I will be starting a music venue at Unionville Winery, 9 Rocktown Road, Ringos NJ. 08551..Just 10 min over the 202 bridge…More details to come….but SAVE THE DATE for the first show in the wine tasting room on Friday Jan 11. 6-9pm. Come spring, we hope to do a weekly “showcase” on Friday’s from 6-9pm that I will be hosting and inviting one or two guest musicians to play a set. Inexpensive night out….bring snacks or dinner, buy a bottle of wine…or two…or a case….and sit outside looking at the beautiful scenery and listening to music!!! What could be better!!! please share. thank you

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