Blame it on PECO

No there was not a blog yesterday. I am a day late but hopefully not a dollar short. I woke up in the wee small hours of Thursday morning to a loud and blustery thunder storm and an even louder and panicked barking dog. Slam, bam, no electric. Where’s a flashlight. Hmm, don’t know. One of the many things I can’t find since we moved. Oh well, go back to sleep. Electric won’t be off long. Wrong. Wake up in the morning and roll over to look at the clock . . . nothing . . . oh. Check the cell phone. Glad I remembered to charge it the night before. 7:15 ok, the electric will be back on soon. I’ll go make coffee. We have a gas stove now and there is a French Press in the pantry for just such an occasion. . . oh, we have an electric coffee grinder. Crap, no coffee. Well not real coffee. I’ll make some of that instant international curl up with a book stuff. Won’t wake me up but . . . call PECO. Yea, they say electric will be back on by 9. I can live with that. Ten rolls around, then it’s noon. Still no electric, still no coffee. To early for wine. Call PECO. It will be on by 2. Yea, still time to get some work done. Grandbaby will be in for a nap. Three rolls around. . . get the drift.

So thanks to a storm and PECO there was no blog yesterday. But today is another day and all is well and . . . I found the flashlights!

2 responses to “Blame it on PECO

  1. Yes it was a great no power day. But, we did have water for a shower. No coffee or a/c but, the water felt good.

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