OK, I’m a little nuts.

Usually, I’m a fairly sane human being. I’ve never been a crazed fan of any celebrity or sports team.  I like kids and babies but I was never the person who just had to hold every little one who crossed my path. My grandkids have turned me into a nut case! I have several camera’s plus the camera on my phone.  I took over 50 pictures of the new baby in the first several hours of his life. I took one picture with my phone. Yesterday I almost wore the battery out on the phone. I swear, every couple of minutes I was clicking it on to look at that little face.  I went grocery shopping and did such a grandma thing. When you check out of Costco you have to show your receipt at the exit. Not only did I show the receipt, I showed the woman a picture of the baby.  I’ve lost my mind!

One response to “OK, I’m a little nuts.

  1. Congratulations – just got to reading – so glad all are well. My thoughts and best wishes to you, your new grandson and of course the happy parents.

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