The Wizard of Oz at Town and Country

Last night we went to see the Wizard of Oz at Town and Country Players. The production was absolutely delightful. Laura Lindmeier is an amazing Dorothy. I expect to see much more of this talented young lady. She not only has a wonderful voice but is an excellent actress. The cast also features:
Alison Curran as Toto, Alayna Rakes as Auntie Em/Glinda, Stuart Wyss as Uncle Henry/Guard, Jeff Pilchman as Zeke/Lion, Paul Pride as Hickory/Tinman, Alex Klein as Hunk/Scarecrow, Lorie Baldwin as Almira Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West, and last but not least Tom McFarland as Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz.

The show runs two more weekends with performances Friday and Saturday Evenings at 8 and Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 2.

This is a show that appeals to all ages. For those of us who grew up watching the movie it brings back so many memories. Of course there are moderate differences in the stage version but this particular show is extremely well done. The director, Reeva Kazman, did a wonderful job of utilizing the stage and creating the atmosphere with minimal sets and props.

Congratulations to all.

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