Kids really do say the …. maybe …. most honest things

If you can’t laugh at yourself you are in big trouble. Kids, grandkids to be more precise, can really make you laugh. Some of you may remember Art Linkletter’s show “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. Yea that was a long time ago but still as true as ever.

A couple of months ago I was watching 3 of my grandchildren. My daughter and her husband had gone away on a well deserved get away weekend to celebrate his birthday. On Friday Morning I got up with the kids. After the older two were dressed and ready for school we sat down for breakfast. Emily (fourth grade) was sitting across from me. She looked at me and said “La La, you look a lot different in the morning without your makeup”. I replied, “yes Emily I’m sure I do”. She was quiet for a moment but was looking at me quite intensely and then asked, “La La, what happened to your eyebrows, did you cut them off or something?” I replied, “no Emily, they are gray and you can’t see them when I don’t have my makeup on”. At this point Liam, my darling first grader chimed in “you know La La, you just don’t know how important something like eyebrows are until you see someone without them”.

I will never let small children see me without makeup again.

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