Digging in the sand

Yesterday I sat on the beach and played in the sand with my grand-daughter and her friend.  I love digging in the sand.  It must be a throw back to playing in the sandbox.  The other grown ups were sitting on chairs and doing mature things like reading and putting on more sun screen.  I’m mature most of the time but not at the beach. I like the water. I don’t care how much sand I get on me.  I have matured a little in the sand castle department. When my kids were little I had the tendency to monopolize sand castle construction.  Sorry kids!  My grandchildren like to do things their own way. They allow me to supervise a little and dig with them.  The sand castles we make now are not as grandiose as the ones I was once obsessed with but they are fun.  Anything you get to do with grand children is fun. Actually, any time you get to just play with your own kids is fun. This was a perfect few days.  Play time with my grown kids and grand kids.  We even got to celebrate the youngest son’s birthday at the beach. I’m a happy camper. I’m not even thinking about geriatric hell.

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