Are animals good psychics when it comes to the weather?

I’ve been thinking about old wives tales and signs of the seasons.  Here are a few I found on-line that are supposed to predict a bad winter:

-Squirrels  frantically gather nuts in the fall  -Geese fly south earlier than usual  -Squirrels build nests  low in the trees  -Fur on animals (cows, horses, dogs,  rabbits, squirrels) is thicker than usual  -Fur on rabbit’s  feet is thicker than usual  -Squirrel tails bushier than usual  / squirrels fatter than usual  -Mice working hard to invade  the home and barn  -Birds eat berries earlier in the  season  -Birds huddle on the ground  -Fatter than usual skunks (I’ll take someones word for that one)

Squirrels seem to be high on the list of psychic beasts. Probably because there are so many of them around.  You may not see a low of cows or horses in your neighborhood but squirrels are everywhere. So last week I took a picture of a squirrel. Is his tail bushier than usual?  Does he look like he needs to go to the gym?  Do his eyes look like they are seeing mountains of snow?  You be the judge.



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